Get Your Brain in the Game, with NuCalm.

Elite Performance is 90% Mental. NuCalm puts you in the zone on demand.

Since 2011 elite military special forces and professional athletes across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, the Premier League, La Liga, UFC, USTA, and the Olympics have been using NuCalm to maximize their performance in two ways – expedited recovery and restorative sleep without drugs, and igniting their mental state into high intensity, mistake-free focus and absolute certainty.

Athletes endure significant physical, psychological, and emotional stress. With all of the external stressors that accompany the lifestyle of professional athletes, the actual competitive event may be the least stressful daily experience. Let’s examine the stressors that routinely challenge professional athletes:

  • Travel schedule
  • Sponsor demands
  • Diet
  • Family obligations
  • Pressure from fans
  • Injury recovery
  • Sleep
  • Off-season training
  • Competing for roster positions
  • Team dynamics
  • Overtraining
  • Contracts
  • Pressure from media
  • Social life demands
  • Mental mistakes
  • Appearances
  • Performance pressures
  • Agents, lawyers, & accountants

NuCalm Expedites Recovery and Improves Sleep Quality Without Drugs 

NuCalm reliably flips the switch on stress and suspends your mind and body into the healing zone of parasympathetic nervous system dominance to relax and restore on a cellular level. The benefits of NuCalm for expedited recovery without drugs include:

  • General well-being and balance
  • Cellular maintenance and mitochondrial restoration
  • Toxin removal
  • Accelerated recovery and oxygenation
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced lactic acid
  • Increased focus
  • Improved sleep quality (REM and deep sleep)
  • Increased resilience
  • Regulated circadian rhythm
  • Increased muscle memory
  • Reduced inflammation

“You could just tell that these guys were just more relaxed, and they would tell me that. We want our players to play ‘intense’ not ‘tense’ and NuCalm is a way for them to just relax and deal with frustrations. NuCalm was very beneficial because it clears your head and allows you to start from scratch. The crucial part of this game is recovery. That’s why NuCalm played an important role for us, especially during the playoffs.”

“On NuCalm, subjects experience a rapid decrease in heart rate and respiration rate while exhibiting an increase in vagal tonality. These biomarkers are consistent with deep meditation and illustrative of the predictable rapid onset of the parasympathetic nervous system dominance created by NuCalm.”

NuCalm Puts You in the Zone, On Demand

No matter what endeavor you are pursuing, you will improve your chances of success when you believe you are unstoppable and have absolute certainty. NuCalm Ignite predictably puts you into the mental state associated with high intensity, mistake-free focus by increasing your brain wave frequencies to Gamma (neural oscillations between 39Hz and 41Hz). The benefits of getting into the zone on demand with Ignite include:

  • Up regulate the pre-motor strip
  • Activate all 5 senses
  • Create laterality balance
  • Up regulate the motor strip
  • Increase dexterity between both brain hemispheres
  • Elicit dopamine
  • Create fine tuning in the cerebellum
  • Increase fine motor skills
  • Improve muscle memory
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve balance
  • Increase strength
  • Elevate mood and focus
  • Provide a natural energy boost

“The hallmark of elite performers is predictability. Certainty in action is mandatory. Focus and discipline are life-saving. NuCalm elevates these capabilities. It heightens my awareness. Channels my concentration. And sharpens my reaction time. It’s an invaluable tool in a performance on demand lifestyle.”

Backed by over 30 years of clinically proven neuroscience, NuCalm’s patented neuroacoustic software effectively turns your mobile device into a remote control for your brain.

Our science may be complex, but using NuCalm is simple, reliable, and drug free. Harnessing the power of your brain requires nothing more than the NuCalm mobile app, your best headphones, and sometimes an eye mask. Our recommendation for helping you get in the zone on demand and perform at your best is PEAK, which consists of Rescue, Focus, and Ignite.


Rescue provides the strongest recovery and cellular restoration available and puts you back in control. It reliably flips the switch on stress allowing you to move beyond fear, anxiety, depression, or worry on demand. You will be more present, more responsive and patient with stressors, as opposed to reactive and emotionally sabotaged. Rescue is the key channel for balance, good health, immune strength, resilience, and longevity.


Experience the mental productivity of the “learning zone” where all distractions are removed, and clarity, comprehension, and concentration come easy. You will get more done in less time, and do it well.


Ignite is your performance superpower. Used by Special Forces and professional athletes since 2016, Ignite activates your senses, intensifies your mental clarity, and increases your strength and endurance, giving you the edge and absolute certainty to accomplish any task.

Motivate, perform, and recover with PEAK. Get the power of focus, high intensity mistake-free performance, and amazing recovery in one plan.



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NuCalm subscriptions are SOFTWARE ONLY
NuCalm biosignal processing discs are SOLD SEPARATELY

The Patented Biosignal Processing Disc 

Your body is an electrical conduit filled with conductive saline. Our Patented Biosignal Processing Discs create an electical feedback loop directly to your brain, using frequency resonance to calm your autonomic nervous system and prime your body and mind for recovery.

What’s in It?

Our Biosignal Processing Discs contain ZERO drugs. The design you see on the outside houses small bits of copper that hold an very light electrical charge.

How Does it Work?

When Applied to the Pericardium 6 accupressure point, the charge in the disc is activated by your body’s Gauss Field, the natural electromagnetic field that surrounds every human. Once activated, the disc produces a frequency that instructs your brain to begin creating the Neurotransmitter GABA.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely 100% Safe for pets, children, plants, or any living thing. The minute charge in the discs cannot shock you. GABA is already present in your body, and is safe at any level, its primary purpose is to supress your autonomic nervous system (stress response) and help you begin to relax.

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